a clan of hyenas resting under a broken-down roller

Quick evolution is helping wildlife survive, scientists find

May 31, 2022

New research from across the globe finds that the ‘fuel of evolution’ in wild animals is two to four times more abundant than previously thought.

Wilted primroses' petals turn pink and then red when temperatures rise in the morning.

Evening primroses show the complexities of floral fragrance

May 24, 2022

Some varieties have a citrus fragrance with a hint of spice, reminiscent of lavender, bergamot and lily of the valley; pollinators seem to like it.

Old Main

Seventeen students are named 2022 Van Ek Scholars

April 28, 2022

The award, considered one of the College of Arts and Sciences' highest honors, is given to students for academic achievement and service

Honors Residential Academic Program students in Smith Hall use artwork to demonstrate diversity, inclusivity and community.​

Students, staff, others honored for diversity work

April 14, 2022

Recipients, chosen by faculty committee, ‘work tirelessly and most times in the dark’ for diversity and inclusion.

Digital humanities icons and binary numbers

Grant to develop humanities, data-science courses

April 13, 2022

Interdisciplinary, cross-college team at CU Boulder wins National Endowment for the Humanities Award.

Foothills death camas

A rare relationship between death camas and death camas miner bees

April 1, 2022

Plant is deadly to animals, but one species of bee has a unique symbiosis with it.

Desert holly

Native Americans used desert holly for food, dyes and medicines

March 17, 2022

The San Rafael River cuts through the San Rafael Swell, forming the Little Grand Canyon. In early April, we were hiking upstream in the canyon when we stopped for a rest and a snack and to assess the curtain of rain that appeared to be bearing down on us. My...

Tthree different variations of Redpolls shown in the picture are the Hoary Redpoll (left), the Common Redpoll (center), and the Lesser Redpoll (right).

Redpolls reflect continuous variation influenced by supergene in one species

March 9, 2022

As always, unexpected and important discoveries prompt new questions and suggest new lines of research.


Ruddy copper butterflies are sexually dimorphic for color and color vision

Feb. 2, 2022

It seems that reproductive success and sexual dimorphisms for dorsal color and for vision are inexorably interdependent in ruddy copper butterflies.

Seastedt (third from the left) and Wildland Restoration Volunteers build erosion control structures to enhance sage grouse habitat and re-wet meadows in North Park area, CO.

Retired ‘free-range ecologist’ helps students become green ambassadors

Jan. 25, 2022

Professor emeritus was recently awarded an outreach grant to assist in community efforts to mitigate environmental degradation on the Front Range