COVID19 live stream

Baptism by Zoom, now taking off, has deep historical roots

Faith leaders are coming up with new ways to reach their communities, with many turning to online platforms to perform rituals. Read more
Bright blossoms of Lewis flax are seen from the plains to tree line

Domestication of Lewis flax has begun

Understanding genetic diversity in a species is especially important for conservation and restoration efforts Read more
A hospital bed

Coronavirus control measures aren’t pointless – just slowing down the pandemic could save millions of lives

With many regions of the United States and other countries seeing community members spreading COVID-19 locally, the world has entered a phase of mitigation to complement efforts to contain its spread. Read more
Keg Knoll Robber Fly

Robber flies are fierce predators and resourceful lovers

The world is full of robber flies—approximately 7,000 species have been recognized worldwide and 1,000 are native to North America Read more
Brown Leopard frog

Why do leopard frogs come in two colors?

The persistence of two colors everywhere suggests a balance of evolutionary forces Read more
A stemless four-nerve daisy growing from a sandstone crevice

Stemless four-nerve daisies have remarkable variation for growth form

From the caliche soils of southeastern Colorado to crevices in bare sandstone on the Colorado Plateau, stemless four-nerved daisies show remarkable variation in growth form Read more
Smooth Sumac Berries

Smooth sumac has edible berries and poisonous but medicinal leaves

Smooth sumac and fragrant sumac have been shown to be sources of food, medicines, weaving... Read more
Full rose in bloom at Chataqua meadow

Wild roses are nutritional, medicinal and aesthetic

The Chautauqua Meadow put on a memorable display of wildflowers in late June and early... Read more
Mountain goat in the Rockies.

Introduced mountain goats have colonized much of the land above the trees

Is that good or bad? Depends on your perspective, but there is a cost to native plant and animal communities. Read more
Sheep grazing at Crane Park Pond

Grazing on public lands alters plant communities

Ranchers graze their sheep on public lands to make money—but at what expense to the land itself? Read more

Helicoptering ponderosa pine seeds attract hungry mouths

From birds to chipmunks, wildlife scrambling to harvest seeds. Read more

Fall colors reveal clones of quaking aspen

This year, aspen’s colors did not occur at the same time as in recent decades. Read more