Published: April 3, 2020

Introduction to Statistics in Human Performance Using SPSS and R

About the book:

An understanding and working knowledge of the basic principles of statistics are of central importance in understanding the sport and health sciences. Introduction to Statistics in Human Performance: Using SPSS and R provides students facing statistical problems for the first time with an accessible and informal introduction to the key concepts and procedures of statistical analysis.

Now in its second edition, the book covers processes involved in using both SPSS and R, and includes chapters on:

  • research methods
  • descriptive statistics
  • the normal curve and standard scores
  • correlation and regression
  • inferential statistics introduction
  • issues in inferential statistics
  • t-tests
  • anova, factorial anova and manova
  • advanced statistics, and
  • nonparametric statistics

Including examples relevant to the field, review questions, practice computer problems and activities throughout, and online materials including step-by-step video guides, data tables for importing into computer activities, a bank of possible test questions, and PowerPoint® slides, the book offers students all the tools they need to understand statistical concepts in sport and exercise. This is a vital resource for any students of sport and exercise science, kinesiology, physical therapy, athletic training, and fitness and health taking classes in statistics.

About the author: Matthew B. McQueen is the founding Director of the Public Health Certificate Program and teaches introduction to epidemiology for undergraduate students as well as advanced biostatistics for graduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. McQueen’s research objectives are focused on the development and application of epidemiological and biostatistical methods to advance our understanding of human disease from genes to populations. His research program is highly interdisciplinary involving studies of genetics and the microbiome, cardiometabolic disease, substance abuse as well as neurological studies of Alzheimer’s disease and mild traumatic brain injury.

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