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Oxford Handbook

About the author: Steven Vanderheiden is the author of the chapter, "A Political Theory of Climate Change" and is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Book description: The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory is set at the intersection of political theory and environmental politics, yet with broad engagement across the environmental social sciences and humanities, this Handbook illustrates, defines, and challenges the field of environmental political theory (EPT). Authors address canonical theorists and contemporary political and environmental problems with a diversity of theoretical approaches. The initial section focuses on EPT as a field of inquiry within political science and political theory, both theoretically and within the academy. Next, authors engage with the conceptualization of nature and the environment, as well as the nature of political subjects, communities, and boundaries in those environments. Another section addresses the values that motivate environmental theorists, including justice, responsibility, rights, limits, flourishing, and the potential conflicts that can emerge within, between, and against these ideals. The final section examines the primary structures that constrain or enable the achievement of environmental ends, as well as theorizations of environmental movements, citizenship, and the potential for ongoing environmental action and change.

Publication date: Jan 7, 2016

Publisher: Oxford University Press