Assistant Director of Finance and Financial Service Center Operations • Financial Management of Faculty Startup & Retention Commitments • Annual Operating Budget Allocation • Management of Temporary Operating Budgets, Cost-Sharing, Awards, & Other Funds • Oversight of Financial Service Center • Financial Analysis & Reports
Budget Office

Old Main, Room 1B-51

Budget & Finance, Director of Finance & Financial Service Center Operations


  • Financial Management of Faculty Startup and Retention Commitments
    • Reviews final version of new faculty startup Budget Commitment Forms (BCF) and submits for final approval via DocuSign with copy to Unit
    • Requests the Chief Compliance Officer to establish new faculty startup speedtypes and informs departments of new faculty startup speedtypes via approved BCF
    • Distributes non-salary related college startup funds to new faculty speedtypes in accordance with approved BCF
    • Facilitates the transfer of campus startup commitments to faculty startup speedtypes
    • Tracks faculty startup funds in accordance with faculty offer letters and the College of Arts and Sciences' Unused Startup Reinvestment Policy
      • Informs Units of the status of faculty startup funds that are nearing the end of the startup timeframe
      • At the conclusion of the startup timeframe, coordinates the transfer of unused startup funds that will remain with the faculty (to their research speedtype)
    • Distributes non-salary college funds for faculty retentions to faculty speedtypes
    • Facilitates the transfer of campus funds for faculty retention to faculty speedtypes
  • Annual Operating Budget Allocation
    • Collects and compiles data from Campus and Units, used in the algorithm that determines department operating budgets, on an annual basis
      • Maintains annual datasets that provide consistent source data for use in various college financial models
    • Distributes continuing annual operating budget funds to the College of Arts and Sciences' departments
  • Manage Temporary Operating Budgets, Cost-Sharing, Awards, & Other Funds
    • Distributes temporary budget funds resulting from college approved programs and activities
      • Distributes campus provided temporary budget and cash for approved programs and activities
  • Oversee Financial Service Center
    • Supervises the Financial Service Center Managers - who manage Financial Service Center staff and daily operations
  • Financial Analysis & Reports
    • Provides routine and ad hoc financial analysis and reports to college administration
    • Assists departments in financial and business administration issues as needed