Director of Budget • Position Budgeting (Staff) • Monitor Speedtype Balances • Spring Merit Exercise (Faculty & University Staff) • Manage FOPPS Types in College of Arts and Sciences Portal • Summer Session Portal & Reconciliation • Transfer of Teaching Duties & Transfer Value of Services • Course Buy-Outs
Budget Office

Old Main, Room 1-24

Budget & Finance, Finance & Accounting Professional


  • Position Budgeting (Staff)
    • Creates continuing budget lines on the College of Arts and Sciences' roster based on AAF-Memorandum of Understanding agreements and offer letters
    • Processes temporary budget transfers to adjust position budgets as needed
    • Enters all Budget Journal Entry (BJE) transfers that involve salary speedtypes
  • Monitor Speedtype Balances
    • Identifies deficit balances and recaptures temporary salary savings back to the college or transfers temporary funds to department for approved expenses
    • Transfers temporary leaves/replacements budget to departments as approved by Associate Deans
    • Ensures proper balances in all salary speedtypes at fiscal year-end and make necessary adjustments
  • Spring Merit Exercise (University Staff & Faculty)
    • Gathers and compiles department evaluations and self-narratives
    • Creates and distributes merit allocation spreadsheets to departments
    • Reconciles the college continuing roster to the Provost’s merit roster
  • Manage FOPPS Types in the College of Arts and Sciences' Portal
    • Assigns FOPPS type for new speedtypes
  • Summer Session Portal & Reconciliation
    • Reconciles all Summer Session courses and ensure they were properly charged to the Summer-E or Summer-O speedtype
    • Distributes Summer Session funds and summer incentive to departments
    • Manages the Summer Zone in the College of Arts and Sciences' Portal; creates new users, collaborates with the Office of Information Technology regarding issues and process improvement
  • Transfer of Teaching Duties and Transfer Value of Services
    • Receives and processes all Transfer of Teaching Duties and Transfer Value of Services forms
  • Course Buy-Outs
    • Reviews budget requests, makes necessary calculations, adjusts salary budget, and submits request to the Service Center