Assistant Dean of Finance Information Systems and Operations • Salary Budget Oversight • Spring Merit Exercise (Faculty & University Staff) • Faculty Fellowship Funding Arrangements
Budget Office

Old Main, 1-24

Budget & Finance, Director of Budget


  • Salary Budget Oversight
    • Manages the continuing roster and oversees position management for merit-eligible positions
    • Manages the year-end sweep and roll-forward processes for the college
    • Oversees budget for Summer Session, Residential Academic programs, Leaves and Replacements, and Tuition Remission
  • Spring Merit Exercise (Faculty & University Staff)
    • Oversees the spring merit exercise for the college
    • Provides merit allocations to units; receives and records responses
    • Manages the Dean’s List for the college
  • Faculty Fellowship Funding Arrangements
    • Oversees the faculty fellowship/subvention process for the college
    • Partners with faculty and units to ensure fellowship speedtypes are created correctly
    • Calculates faculty pay adjustments and speedtype distributions