Director of Employee Engagement
Personnel Administration

Erin Cunningham Ritter, Director of Employee Engagement

  • Vision: To position the College of Arts and Sciences as a top employer, committed to supporting the employee experience and development for all team members.
  • Mission: To significantly improve organizational operations and employee engagement across the college as evidenced by qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Values
    • Care (holistic wellbeing for all employees)
    • Camaraderie (service orientation anchored in community and positive engagement)
    • Commitment (to the team, deliverables and community norms)
    • Courage (growth mindset, resistance as evidence of progress)
  • Tactics
    • Wellness:  Support the wellbeing of all team members through evidenced based wellness practices facilitated by our researchers and providers.
      • Be Well: Reinforce a culture of care, leverage our wellness expertise, improve wellbeing, holistic wellness (eight dimensions).
      • Let’s CU Well
      • Embedded providers model
    • Internal Structure, Processes, Procedures: Reassess and deploy internal structures, process and procedures to maximize resources, promote inclusivity and improve tactical outcomes in the context of the future of work.
    • Events or Programs: Innovative programming to support remote and in-person employees across functional units and levels of the organization designed to promote community, growth mindset, recognition and innovation.
      • Community Building Events
      • Employee Recognition/Kazoo
      • Buffalo Tracks: Employee lifecycle (on-boarding, training, mentoring, advancement, succession planning)
      • Be Heard: Cross-functional collaboration, consensus building, innovation or change
      • Learning Summits
      • Community Meetings


Erin Cunningham Ritter holds a PhD candidate in organizational learning, performance and change at Colorado State University. Erin is the director of employee engagement in the dean’s office. She previously served as the director of wellness programs, training and leadership development at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center on the CU medical campus. For more than 15 years, Erin has had the privilege of coaching more than 3,000 clients on wellness, personal and professional development, allowing them to feel empowered to accomplish their unique goals. She focuses her professional efforts on employee and professional development and improving organizational systems to meet business goals. Erin leverages her previous experience as vice president of a Denver based management consulting firm to create programs aimed at improvements in organizational culture and strategy.