Professional Assistant to the Dean • Administrative Support (Dean) • Scheduling (Dean, Chairs and Directors) • Awards (Distinguished Professor, College Scholar, CAS Fund for Excellence)
A&S Personnel Administration

Old Main, Room 1-43

Personnel Administration, Professional Assistant to the Dean


  • Administrative Support (Dean White)
    • Serves as main point of contact between the Dean and to the University and community constituents
    • Serves as liaison between the Dean and College Units, as well as with other campus administrators, faculty, students, and with the general public
    • Tracks problems and issues brought to the Dean and ensures resolution in accordance with the Dean’s expectations and in compliance with Regent and State laws and University policies
  • Scheduling (Dean White)
    • Manages calendar and books off-campus travel arrangements for the Dean
  • Scheduling (Chairs & Directors Meetings)
    • Determines schedule and tracks agenda for Academic Year meetings
  • Awards (Distinguished Professor, College Scholar and the College of Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence)
    • Serves as college point of contact for the Distinguished Professor awards, College Scholar, and College of Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence
    • Notifies college of guidelines, timelines, and award statuses
    • Organizes committee members and meeting agendas