NameContact Information
Robert Clark
Finance and Accounting Professional • Position Budgeting (Staff) • Monitor Speedtype Balances • Spring Merit Exercise (Faculty & University Staff) • Manage FOPPS Types in College of Arts and Sciences Portal • Summer Session Portal & Reconciliation • Transfer of Teaching Duties & Transfer Value of Services • Course Buy-Outs
Budget Office
John Horton
Director of Finance and Financial Service Center Operations • Financial Management of Faculty Startup & Retention Commitments • Annual Operating Budget Allocation • Management of Temporary Operating Budgets, Cost-Sharing, Awards, & Other Funds • Oversight of Financial Service Center • Financial Analysis & Reports
Budget Office
Paul Quist
Director of Budget • Salary Budget Oversight • Spring Merit Exercise (Faculty & University Staff) • Faculty Fellowship Funding Arrangements
Budget Office
Dana Takeuchi
Budget and Finance Specialist • Project Management • Process Improvement
Budget Office