These faculty positions are jointly supported by the Strategic, Targeted, and Accelerated Recruitment (STAR) Program and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder).  This cluster hire of new faculty is the result of a successful proposal to the CU Boulder STAR Program that emphasized valuing the ability of faculty candidates to increase the diversity of our department through their personal experiences, backgrounds, or broader actions.  The expectations and performance evaluation of faculty hired during this process will be no different from every other faculty member in the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department (APS).

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a description of research interests, a teaching and mentoring statement, and a statement of diversity and inclusion goals.  Guidance on these items follows:

Cover Letter

The cover letter should be a brief (1- to 2-page) expression of interest and will provide any background information that may not appear elsewhere in the application package.  It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the Selection Committee.

Curriculum Vitae and List of Publications

The CV should include the customary information appropriate for an application for a scientific research, teaching, and service position.  Items to include: education; research, teaching, and mentoring experience; positions held; grants, awards, and fellowships; and service work.  This list is not exhaustive. The list of publications can include peer-reviewed publications and non-refereed articles, book chapters, white papers, and abstracts (with clear demarcation between categories).

Research Interests

The statement of research interests will typically be brief (about 3 pages) and may include discussion of previous and current work, general interests, and future research plans.  Since faculty are hired with tenure in mind, it pays to think about long-term research plans and goals and to include this in the research statement. The scientific resources available to faculty are outlined in the job ad and in the online job description.

Teaching and Mentoring

The teaching and mentoring statement should be brief (2 to 3 pages) and can include one’s previous experience, teaching and mentoring philosophy, and future plans and goals.  Applicants may wish to discuss where their teaching interests complement or supplement the current course structure of APS for graduate students and/or undergraduates.

Diversity and Inclusion Goals

This should be a brief (roughly 2-page) discussion of your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.  This statement could include a statement of values, relevant information about one’s background and experiences, ideas for serving and/or mentoring a diverse student body, particularly in STEM fields, or plans for bringing new perspectives to research, education, and service.  Be as specific as possible. Additional guidance on preparing a diversity statement is available online, including Inside Higher Ed and Vanderbilt University.

Need Help?

Questions about the application process, usual and customary expectations, life and work in APS and CU Boulder, etc., can be addressed to APS Office Manager Marsha Burch (  Ms. Burch is not involved in the evaluation or selection of candidates.  Candidates should also reference the online job description.