Teaching Assistant Professor of Japanese

Mondays & Thursdays 1:20-1:50pm on Zoom or by appointment

Yukiko Asano received a  BA in Linguistics and French from University of Wisconsin – Madison, and PhD in Linguistics from Stony Brook University. Her PhD dissertation “Thematic Resultative Expressions in English and Japanese: A view from the Syntax of Event Aspect” examined a well-known cross-linguistics differences in a realization of inner aspect observed between English and Japanese, and provides a venue for understanding how parametric differences at syntactic level may cause different calculation at the syntax-semantics interface. After teaching at various institutions in the US, she joined CU Boulder in Fall 2021.

Recent Publication:

2019 Learnability of non-native sound contrast: A view from production errors in obstruent’s voicing-contrast. In Proceedings of the 25th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum, May 11-12, 2019. [https://pjpf.princeton.edu/25th-princeton-japanese-pedagogy-forum]

Research Interests:

Theoretical linguistics, speech processing, reflections of cultural expectations in the use of a language, foreign language acquisition, acquisition of a writing system for adult foreign language learners.

Award related to the current field:

2016 Nominated for the 2016 Texas Foreign Language Teaching Excellence Award, Texas Language Center at University of Texas at Austin.