Teaching Associate Professor of Chinese • Chinese Language Coordinator

Mondays & Wednesdays 10-11am or by appointment

Yingjie Li earned her BA degree in English Education in Chongqing, China. She finished her MA in Curriculum and Teaching with specialization in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2008 at the University of Kansas (KU). In 2016, she received her PhD in Foreign Language Education from KU. Her doctoral dissertation, Effects of High Variability Phonetic Training on Monosyllabic and Disyllabic Mandarin Chinese Tones to L2 Chinese Learners, focuses on helping Chinese language learners to gain native-like pronunciation through pre-designed training by using computer technology. While working as a Chinese language lecturer in the department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at KU, she also received her Graduate Certificate in Second Language Studies from the Office of Graduate Studies in 2017. She has taught Chinese language at various levels while working at KU for more than ten years.


  • Li, Y. L. (2016). Effects of high variability phonetic training on monosyllabic and disyllabic Mandarin Chinese tones for L2 Chinese learners (Doctoral dissertation, University of Kansas).

Research Interests:

Second language acquisition, Chinese language pedagogy, and teaching English as a second language. Her recent research focuses on Chinese language pronunciation teaching and learning.