Associate Professor of Chinese

By appointment

Matthias Richter graduated with a diploma in German and English literature from the University of Jena, then East Germany, in 1985. After working for several years as a private and high school teacher, he studied Sinology, Japanology and Philosophy in Munich and Beijing and received a PhD in Sinology from the University of Hamburg in 2000. He taught early Chinese literature and philosophy at several German universities and conducted a three year research project in manuscript studies at the University of Hamburg. After one year as a Creel Research Fellow at the University of Chicago, he joined CU Boulder in Fall 2007.


Publications include the monographs The Embodied Text: Establishing Textual Identity in Early Chinese Manuscripts (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2013) and Guan ren: Texte der altchinesischen Literatur zur Charakterkunde und Beamtenrekrutierung [Early Chinese Texts on Characterology and the Recruitment of Officials] (Bern: Peter Lang, 2005) as well as two edited volumes: “Methodological Issues in the Study of Early Chinese Manuscripts: Papers from the Second Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop,” in Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques LIX.1 (2005) and “Special Section: Hamburg Tomb Text Workshop,” in Monumenta Serica 51 (2003). His various articles in German, American and Chinese journals and books discuss early Chinese literature with an emphasis on textual criticism and manuscript studies.

Research Interests: 

Warring States and Early Imperial politico-philosophical literature, particularly questions of rhetorics and redactional strategies, textual criticism, the formational history of texts, and the methodology of studying early Chinese manuscripts.