Published: Dec. 16, 2013

As we near the end of the year it is time for the renewal of your faculty/staff Eco Pass. This year, smart cards will be automatically renewed in RTD’s system and no new Eco Pass smart cards will be mailed. As long as you remain eligible for the Eco Pass, the same smart card you received in 2013 will continue to work on buses and light rail in 2014. If you do not have an Eco Pass, but think you are eligible, you may e-mail to verify your eligibility. Visit CU’s Eco Pass website at for more information.

The RTD Eco Pass smart card is a contactless card that is similar to a photo ID (like the Buff OneCard) that contains a chip which stores Eco Pass data. The Eco Pass is valid on all regular RTD bus routes and light rail lines. There is a $2.50 surcharge, each way, for travel to and from DIA on the skyRide. The smart card is electronically reloaded in RTD’s system each year and simply turned off when an employee is no longer eligible.

Riders simply tap their smart cards on the validator and show the driver the card when boarding the bus so that the driver can match the photo on the card to your face.

During RTD’s transition to the smart card program, a few riders have experienced technical and driver difficulties. Should you have difficulties when riding, RTD has suggested that riders print this RTD-published Driver Bulletin. If you experience issues with your smart card, please email with the bus number and the error message displayed by the bus card reader.

Replacement cards can be picked up at the Buff OneCard office in room N180 of the Center for Community. There is a $10 fee to replace a lost pass.

Please call Tracy Humphrey at 303-735-2705 or e-mail with all of your Eco Pass or sustainable transportation questions. You can also find bus route and schedule information as well as a trip planner online at or by calling RTD at 303-299-6000.