From the BFA: Faculty recognition program – call for nominees

Published: Oct. 28, 2013

In addition to dedication to their students and their research, many educators at the University of Colorado quietly perform service to the CU community – locally, nationally and internationally – often going far beyond what is expected of them. This service may take the form of acting as a faculty advisor to a student group or society; organizing a lecture series on campus or in the local community; or serving on a task force to address critical issues affecting the University. Beginning this year, BFA is acknowledging these unsung contributions through the Faculty Recognition Program.

Recognition of an individual’s service begins with a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation to the faculty member from the Provost and the BFA Chair. In addition, a similar letter is sent to the faculty member’s Department Chair. Finally, a small gift is presented to each faculty member to demonstrate the University’s appreciation.

Initiated at the CU-Boulder campus, the program is serving as a model for a system-wide faculty recognition program.  Similar to the Boulder model, each campus will be recognizing faculty throughout the academic year. At the end of the academic year, faculty members will be selected from across the CU campuses for special recognition by the System Administration.

CU-Boulder faculty can nominate peers for recognition in the BFA Faculty Recognition Program by filling out a very brief nomination form on the BFA Website. Nominations are accepted throughout the year with recognition being given to three faculty members each week.

Congratulations to the faculty who have been recognized through the first three weeks of the program:

  • Markas Henry, Theatre and Dance
  • Kalyana Mahanthappa, Physics
  • William Kuskin, English
  • Yongmin Chen, Economics
  • Bob Pasnau, Philosophy
  • Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Mechanical Engineering
  • Carrie Muir, Math
  • Scot Douglas, Herbst Humanities
  • Peggy Jobe, University Libraries