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Faculty Service Recognition Program

In addition to dedication to their students and their research, many faculty quietly perform service to the CU community – locally, nationally and internationally – often going far beyond what is expected of them. This service may take the form of acting as a faculty advisor to a student group or society; organizing a lecture series on campus or in the local community; or serving on a task force to address critical issues affecting the University. The BFA acknowledges these unsung contributions through the Faculty Recognition Program.

CU-Boulder faculty can nominate peers for recognition in the BFA Faculty Recognition Program by submitting a nomination form. 

Click this link to submit your nomination on-line:

If you prefer, you can download and print a pdf nomination form.

Nominations are accepted throughout the year with recognition being given on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible for recognition?  Any member of the faculty, either full or part-time.  This includes instructors, tenure-track faculty and research faculty.
  2. Is this recognition only for a one-time activity?  No, this can be recognition for a one-time activity or on-going service activities.
  3. Does this have to be an on-campus activity?  No, we are recognizing faculty for all types of activities that they do that demonstrate going above and beyond.
  4. Are nominations only good for the week they were submitted?  No, nominees will be considered through the entire academic year.  Since we can only recognize a limited number each week, nominees may be recognized later in the year.
  5. Is it complicated to nominate somebody?  No, it takes 10 minutes to fill out the form and give a member of the faculty the recognition they deserve!
  6. Who may make a nomination? Anyone!


Week Name Department
1 Markas Henry Theatre and Dance
1 Kalyana Mahanthappa Physics
1 William Kuskin English
2 Yongmin Chen Economics
2 Bob Pasnau Philosophy
2 Daria Kotys-Schwartz Mechanical Engineering
3 Carrie Muir Math
3 Scot Douglas Herbst Engineering
3 Peggy Jobe Libraries
4 Bernadette Park Psychology
4 Rolf Norgaard PWR
4 Colleen Scanlan Lyons IBS
5 Greg Young Political Science
5 John Hatch History
5 Donald Yannacito Film Studies
6 Dale Miller Environmental Studies
6 Cindy White Communication
6 Matt Jelacic Environmental Design
7 Darin Toohey ATOC
7 Mike Eisenberg Computer Science
7 Margaret Berg Music
8 Robin Dowell MCDB
8 Rob Pyatt Environmental Design
8 Robert Spencer Psychology
9 Valerie Otero Education
9 Noel Lenski Classics
9 Katherine Eggert English
10 Tom Yulsman Journalism
10 Jim Walker PWR
10 Patrick Tally History
11 Deborah Hollis Library Administration
11 Heidi Bustamante Integrative Physiology
11 Robert Tubbs Mathematics
12 Elena Kostoglodova Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literature
12 Melinda Barlow Film Studies
12 Yuko Munakata Psychology & Neuroscience
13 Connie Lane Theatre & Dance
13 Lori Emerson English
13 Martha Hanna History
14 Eric Zimmerman Physics
14 Jason Neff Environmental Studies Program
14 Jim White INSTARR
15 Ceal Barry Athletics
15 Monika Fleshner Integrative Physiology
15 Vicki Grove Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literature
16 Jeff Luftig Process Innovation
16 Laura Deluca Farrand RAP
16 Noah Finkelstein Physics
17 Bob Ferry History
17 Carmen Grace French & Italian
17 Melinda Piket-May Electrical Engineering
18 Chris Kopff Honors
18 Lakshman Guruswamy Law
18 Ted Stark Theatre & Dance
19 Adam Norris Applied Mathematics
19 Stan Deetz Communication
19 Tom Cech BioFrontiers
20 Beth Osnes Theatre & Dance
20 Dave Clough Chemcial Engineering
20 Horst Mewes Political Science


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