CU Money Sense: Top 10 money tips for college students

Published: Oct. 1, 2013

Now that you've had time to settle in to the school year, take a minute to check out some financial tips and tricks from CU Money Sense.

1. Open your mail; read your bills and statements; pay attention to due dates.

2. Track your spending; use a notebook or try (a budgeting website).

3. Save for large purchases.

4. Protect your private information from identity theft.

5. Take advantage of student discounts.

6. Be organized; keep financial information in one easy-to-remember location.

7. Don’t take out more student loans than you absolutely need.

8. Read reviews and do lots of research before making any large purchases.

9. Take your vitamins! Live a healthy lifestyle and save on health-care costs.

10. Have fun…but make sure to graduate in four years.

For more information on money and budgeting, including financial tools and resources especially for college students, visit CU Money Sense, or schedule an appointment with Niomi Williams, CU-Boulder's financial literacy educator (303-492-0726).