Published: Jan. 9, 2013

Many instructors opt to use iClickers to conduct live Q&A sessions in class with students. Starting this spring, the improved iClicker+ will be available to students for purchase in the campus bookstore. Faculty members who use iClickers should ensure they have the latest iClicker software on their computer. If you are using version 6.1.6 on the Mac or PC, you are current. If you have any prior version, visit this page on the OIT website to download and install the current software. Certain old versions could experience issues with vote counting.


iClicker+ Benefits for Students

The new iClicker+ will offer students a variety of advantages:

  • Compatibility: For students who already have an iClicker 1, it will still work! It is not necessary to upgrade to the iClicker+.
  • Cost:  The iClicker+ will cost the same as the former campus-standard iClicker 1.
  • Smaller and lighter:  It’s easier to handle and store, and uses less plastic and packaging.
  • Better battery:  It uses two AAA batteries instead of three, while offering the same battery life as the iClicker 1.
  • Better keypad:  A clearly marked power button is recessed, to help avoid accidental power up or off, and is set apart from the A-E buttons. In addition, the A-E buttons are large, clearly labeled and contain Braille characters.
  • Improved voting:  LED lights next to each button provide better voting confirmation.
  • Frequency memory:  It remembers the last frequency used, so students only have to reset the frequency when attending a different class.


Compatible with Current Infrastructure

The iClicker+ is completely compatible with the current infrastructure in CU-Boulder classrooms. There is no need to change base stations, instructor software or instructor clickers on campus.


iClicker+ Tested by Departments and Students

CU-Boulder’s Physics department has been leading testing of the new iClicker+ both on campus and nationally, with good results. They’ve also tested favorably with several CU-Boulder student groups. Based on the positive feedback, CU-Boulder selected iClicker+ as the new technology standard.


Purchasing iClickers

Starting in the spring semester, the iClicker+ will be available in the bookstore. Students who do not already own an iClicker1 may purchase an iClicker+ for any classes that require clickers. For those who already have an iClicker 1, it will remain compatible with current campus infrastructure, so upgrading is not necessary.


Registering iClickers

It is important for students to register their iClickers with CU-Boulder, so faculty can accurately assign voting results to students. Please remind students to register any new iClickers with CU-Boulder; instructions to do so are available at Students should not register devices with the commercial iClicker registration page.