Training Student Employees

One of the most important aspects of employing students is making sure they are adequately trained on their job duties.

  • Student employees should be trained on:
    • specific tasks required for their job
    • office equipment, procedures, and any other useful information specific to the department
  • Student employees should be introduced to the various people they may work with in their positions.
  • Supervisors should communicate expectations to student employees as early and as clearly as possible including topics such as:
    • time management, setting priorities and meeting deadlines
    • calling in sick, taking vacation and being late
    • submitting schedules and timesheets
  • Student employees are required to complete discrimination and harassment training  within their first 30 days of employment.
  • On-Campus student employees should also be trained on other University policies such as the drug and alcohol policy.
  • Here are some tips for training your student employees.