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Varsity bridge during fall.

Doctoral candidate Adenife Modile, who studies fertility and maternal health worldwide, travels to Tanzania this month as a Population Reference Bureau Fellow. One of 10 people from seven countries selected for the fellowship, Modile wants to influence public policy to disrupt cultural norms that encourage high fertility rates.

Jill Harrison has had an article accepted for publication in the journal Environmental Sociology: “'We do Ecology, Not Sociology': Interactions among Bureaucrats and the Undermining of Regulatory Agencies’ Environmental Justice Efforts.”

Jessie Luna has been awarded an American Dissertation Fellowship from the American Association of University Women. Jessie was also given an Honorable Mention in ASA’s Section on Environment and Technology Marvin E. Olsen Student Paper Award.

David Pyrooz published an article in Justice Quarterly, titled “Cut from the same cloth? A comparative study of domestic extremists and gang members in the United States”, with coauthors Gary LaFree, Scott H. Decker, and Patrick James.

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Sociology 4132: Gender, Islam, and Modernity

Why is Islam stereotyped as oppressing women? Why do many Muslim women veil? What do Muslims think about women's rights? What does it mean to be a Muslim man or woman in the contemporary world? The rights, roles, and appearances of Muslim women have been the focus of intense debates in recent years. Read more

SOCY 2092: Sex, Power, and Reproduction

Abortion and contraception have become volatile and contested policy arenas in the Federal government as well as in many state legislatures. This course will examine reproductive health in the US with a focus on policy and policy impacts. Students will learn to employ tools from sociology, demography, and public health to investigate these politically contentious issues. Read more

SOCY4160: Designing Social Innovations

As part of a larger campus initiative to make CU Boulder the nation’s top university for innovation, a new course is being offered this fall on Designing Social Innovations. The course is intended for undergraduate students who are passionate about developing viable solutions to some of society’s most complex and pressing problems. Read more