Enroll in Classes

You can enroll in classes during your assigned enrollment appointment, the schedule adjustment period and the open enrollment period. Students who do not enroll by the third Friday in the fall or spring semester are assessed a $100 late-registration fee.

See the Add/Drop Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

View Your Enrollment Appointment

Click Your Enrollment Dates in MyCUInfo. The Enrollment Appointments table lists your appointment begin time, appointment end time and the maximum number of units you may enroll in. All times are in Mountain Time.

Enroll in Classes

Click Register for Classes in MyCUInfo. If prompted, select the term you're enrolling in, then click Continue.

If you haven't already added the classes you want to your shopping cart, follow the steps under Search for Classes.

Once you've added your classes to the shopping cart, go to your cart, click the Select checkbox next to each class you want to enroll in, then click Add Selected Classes. If you get an error message, read the description for details; if not, confirm your selection(s) and click Finish Enrolling.

View Your Schedule

Option 1: Under the Menu tab and Enroll, click My Class Schedule

Option 2: Go to the MyCUInfo homepage (Student tab) and scroll down to view the Schedule.

Add a Class After the Deadline

After the last day to add a class in MyCUInfo (see the Add/Drop Calendar), all added classes require instructor and/or department permission (requirements vary by department). Instructors and department administrators typically only approve a late add if the class has space available and the student has been attending class regularly. If you're given permission to join the class, department administrators will register you manually.