Criteria to Establish Residency

The specific requirements for establishing residency for tuition classification purposes are prescribed by state law. No person may establish domicile in Colorado solely for the purpose of changing a student's classification for tuition purposes from out-of-state to in-state. An individual who seeks to establish domicile while a registered student is presumed to be seeking domicile solely for tuition purposes, which is an unlawful purpose, absent clear and convincing evidence to the contrary [Colorado Revised Statutes § 23-7-101-103(2)(e)].

Because Colorado law governs Colorado residency status, the fact that a student might not qualify for in-state status in any other state does not guarantee in-state status in Colorado. Moreover, it is presumed that a student classified as a non- resident at the time of matriculation who seeks to establish Colorado domicile while registered at CU seeks Colorado domicile solely for tuition purposes. The student can rebut this presumption and be deemed an in-state resident only by a showing of clear and convincing evidence of his or her eligibility for this status.

You must be a qualified person for at least one year to be eligible to establish a Colorado domicile and begin the one year domicile period necessary to qualify for in-state tuition. Adults, emancipated minors, graduate students or a married student are qualified persons. 

You are eligible to establish domicile and begin the one year domicile period if you are at least 22 years old, are married, or are emancipated from your parents, grandparents and/or friends. Persons not so qualified are not emancipated minors and assume the domicile of their parents, grandparents, or court-appointed legal guardian.

Adult students cannot qualify for in-state tuition through their parents, with the following exception: Because in-state status may be lost after one year of domicile elsewhere, adult students less than age 23 may be able to qualify through their parents. Consult the Tuition Classification Officer for additional information. 


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