Apply for and Authorize College Opportunity Fund

What is the College Opportunity Fund?

The College Opportunity Fund (COF), created by the Colorado Legislature, provides a stipend to eligible undergraduate students paying in-state tuition. The stipend pays a portion of total in-state tuition for eligible undergraduate students who attend a Colorado public institution or a participating private institution. Eligible undergraduate students must be admitted and enrolled at a participating institution to use the stipend for eligible undergraduate classes. The stipend is paid on a per-credit-hour basis to the institution. The credit-hour amount is set annually by the General Assembly.

Who is Eligible?

Undergraduate students paying in-state tuition.

How to Receive COF:

All eligible students must complete the COF application and authorize use of funds to receive the COF benefit. Students who do not complete both of these steps will be responsible for paying the total in-state tuition. 

To Apply for and Authorize COF Funds:

  1. Complete the COF Application (This is a one-time application and will take up to 48 hours to be processed.)
  2. Authorize COF in MyCUInfo (After 48 hours of completing the COF Application):
    • Log on to MyCUInfo and click on the Student tab
    • Scroll down to the Financial section and under Billing, click the College Opportunity Fund
    • Click Update Authorization for the correct term
    • Choose Lifetime Authorization (recommended so funds can be applied automatically each semester. See authorization options below)
    • Click Submit and then Confirm

IMPORTANT: Your name, date of birth and social security number used to complete the COF application (on College Assist) MUST match the name, date of birth and social security number you provided to the University of Colorado during the admissions and registration process. Failure to match this data, including omissions, will cause your COF request to be rejected.

For additional assistance, use the Step-by-Step Instructions for COF Authorization

Authorization Options:

Lifetime Authorization

Lifetime authorization only needs to be performed once for funds to be awarded each enrolled semester. Students may select lifetime authorization during any term. If a student chooses not to authorize COF for a term, or if lifetime authorization is revoked, the COF stipend will NOT be credited toward tuition and fees for that term or for any future terms.

One-Term Authorization

One-term authorization requires the student to re-authorize the University to apply COF funds every term.

NOTE: If a student registers for courses before applying for COF, the student will need to complete the COF application, and then authorize the funds in MyCUInfo approximately 48-72 hours after the application has been completed. 

COF Addendum

Late adds submitted to the Office of the Registrar on Special action forms (for undergraduate, resident students) require a COF Addendum.
Courses added after the third Friday of the fall or spring semester are NOT eligible for The College Opportunity Fund unless there are certain, extenuating circumstances. Please indicate the reason you are petitioning to add a class late and sign and date the COF Addendum. You will need a department signature on the form before you submit it.



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