Course Reservation Program

Course Reservation is a program designed to help you get into the courses you need.

For example, imagine you were on a class waitlist in fall semester, you remained on the waitlist through the posted deadline, and you did not get into the class. If you and the course both meet the Eligibility Requirements below, you could potentially use Course Reservation to reserve a place in that course in the spring (or next fall**) semester.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Your name was added to the official class waitlist (and not removed) prior to the posted waitlist deadline.*

  2. All registration holds are cleared from MyCUInfo.

  3. All course restrictions are met.

  4. The requested course is an eligible undergraduate course (controlled-enrollment courses are excluded) that is offered in the current Fall/Spring term.**

*Course Reservation ONLY applies to course waitlists accessed during registration through MyCUInfo; it DOES NOT apply to waitlists kept manually by departments.

**Some courses are only offered once a year. If your course is not available in the fall/spring term immediately following your first attempt to register, you may be eligible for Course Reservation in the next fall/spring term. Contact the Office of the Registrar to verify.

If All Requirements Are Met

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo and make note of the preferred class section number of the course for which you were waitlisted.

  2. During the posted Course Reservation period (see the Academic Calendar), visit the Office of the Registrar to complete the Course Reservation form in person.

  3. An enrollment representative will register you for the requested class.


Dear Student,

If you intend to graduate in December 2014, be sure to complete each item below by the date listed. To find out about your graduation requirements, contact your department or advisor.

Dear Student,

Your Spring 2015 enrollment appointment has now been posted in MyCUInfo.

Dear Student,

If you intend to graduate in May 2014, be sure to complete all the items below by the dates listed.

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