Resource for Boulder Campus Property Managers

Springing into Spring!

  • ****CANCELED**** The CCO's PAO Session I training that was to be held May 16th, 2016 from 9:00 - 12:00 in the CIERS Auditorium Room 338 as be canceled. With Year-end ahead of us we will most likely have to reschedule this training for late summer. Sorry for the late notice. For questions please feel free to contact Jeanne at connely@colorado.edu or 303-492-2424.
    • Please share this training with anyone who may be interested in learning about a new web site called BUFF SURPLUS hosted by multiple different departments.
    • The PAO will conduct a short meeting following to discuss some changes to PeopleSoft Asset Management (PSAM) that has occured with the 9.2 upgrade.
    • See the training tab for more information.
  • 6th Quarter inventory will be sent out mid April being due back to Jeanne on May 30, 2016.

Purchasing/Receiving Capital Equipment

Tracking/Maintenance of Tagged Equipment

  • Cannibalization is when a dept disassembles a tag and uses the pieces for other uses.

  • Impaired: Equipment no longer used for intended purpose due to reduced functionality.

Office of Contracts & Grants

  • Forms Link takes you to OCG's webpage for property.

Property Disposal/Transfers/Donations off campus

Would you like 'read only' access to PeopleSoft Asset Management?

PSAM allows you to query your departmental assets to review their tag#, location, funding source, responsible person, etc. It's a great way to manage your assets and reduce your biennial inventory headaches.

Link to Access Form  https://content.cu.edu/ums/security/CUonly/AMPS/Forms/fin-sys-access.pdf

Select Revise User Role if you already have PeopleSoft Access.
Select Asset Management in the Role Categories
Do an e-signature and send to your supervisor
Contact Greg.Roers@Colorado.edu ext. 2-6376 if you run into questions.