Peace, Conflict, and Security Program

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Peace, Conflict and Security Program (PACS) is an interdisciplinary field, focused on advancing our understanding of conflict dynamics and improving our ability to wisely, equitably, and efficiently handle conflict.  The program empowers students by teaching them sophisticated advocacy, collaboration, and peacebuilding skills that are essential to solving today's big problems.

PACS offers an individually tailored program of study that provides students with 1) the ability to more constructively handle conflict in family, workplace, and community settings, 2) a foundation for peace, conflict, and security-related careers, and 3) a better understanding of public policy controversies.

Links in the right-hand column offer more information including a more detailed program overview with a personal welcome from the PACS Director, Bryan Taylor.  Also available is the program's mission statement, a list of the PACS Steering Committee Members, a short bio on PACS' core instructor, Alison Castel, along with a full list of program faculty.  Finally, there is information on the history of the programpast program directors, and the The Colorado Peace Studies Endowment.

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