Important Dates for Fall 2015


First Day of Classes           August 24 (Mon)

Family Weekend                October 1-4 (Thurs-Sun)

Fall Break                         November 23-25 (Mon-Weds)

Thanksgiving                    November 26-27 (Thurs-Fri)

(campus closed)


Last Day of Classes           December 11 (Fri)

Final Exams                       December 13-17 (Sun-Thurs)

(start at 4:30pm Sunday)

University Commencement   December 19 (Sat)

Coors Events Center 9:30 AM

Problem of the Month

Congratulations to Michael Moy for first place in the September Problem of the Month!

The November Problem has been posted.
Have a great semester!

Mathematics Bldg

Welcome to the Mathematics Department of the University of Colorado Boulder. We have a broad range of research interests in Mathematics, including Algebraic and Differential Geometry, Combinatorics, Logic and Foundations, Mathematical Physics, Number Theory, Noncommutative Geometry, Operator Algebras, Probability, and Topology.

We presently have twenty-five tenured and tenure-track faculty as well as four postdoctoral fellows and visitors. The Mathematics Department has over fifty graduate students and serves well over five hundred undergraduate majors and minors.


Career Opportunities

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