Total Solar Eclipse photo from NASA

The Great American Eclipse on March 16th & 18th at 7pm

On Aug. 21, 2017 the best total eclipse of the Sun in 40 years will cross the United States. Colorado will see roughly 95% of the sun covered by the Moon, and lucky people in Wyoming will see an amazing TOTAL eclipse with fiery pink prominences at the Sun’s edge,... Read more »
St. Pancras New Church, south elevation of female Greek column statues

Forgotten Foundations: The Lost Legacy of Women in Physics and Astronomy: September 16th at 7pm

Oct. 3, 2016

Thomas Huxley, the great defender of evolution, once said, "Five-sixths of women will stop in the doll stage of evolution, to be [...] the drag on civilisation..." This Victorian era thinking stretches back centuries, and has continued to hamper the pursuits of women in the sciences today. Throughout the ages,... Read more »