Chemical Processing Option

StreamsamplingThe chemical processing option focuses on courses in Chemical Engineering. Environmental engineers trained in this area emphasize waste minimization during chemical processing, such as petroleum refining. They also have expertise in reactor designs to treat wastes from chemical processing industries, such as pharmaceuticals and plastics.

Chemical Processing Block Diagram

Required for this option Students must also take CHEN 3200 & 3320.

  • CHEN 4521 Physical Chemistry for Engineers (3 credits, prerequisite: APPM 2350 and CHEN 1211; co-requisite APPM 2360)
  • CHEN 3220 Chemical Engineering Separations and Mass Transfer (3 credits, S; prerequisites: CHEN 3210 and CHEN 3320)
  • CHEN 4330 Chemical Engineering Reaction Kinetics (3 credits, S; prerequisites: CHEN 3320 and APPM 2360)

One course from among the following is recommended as a technical elective:

  • CVEN 3424 Water and Wastewater Treatment (3 credits, S, prerequisite: CVEN 3414)
  • CVEN 4474 Hazardous and Industrial Waste Management (3 credits, F; prerequisite: CVEN 3414)

You may want to consider getting a dual B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (CHEN). In 2010 the College of Engineering changed its rules such that to receive 2 degrees within the College of Engineering no longer requires a minimum of 158 credits. The student must fulfill all the degree requirements for both the CHEN and EVEN degrees. Careful planning may result in receiving both the CHEN and EVEN degrees for ~146 credits. Please consult an advisor in CHEN for more specifics.

You may want to consider getting a minor in chemistry. The minimum 23 credits required for this minor can be largely included in the 128 EVEN degree with chemical processing option. If you plan carefully use your free elective and technical electives as chemistry courses that fulfill the minor requirements, only 3 additional credits on top of the 128 would be needed. See details of the chemistry minor here. 

Research: Professor John Pellegrino conducts research on membranes, including applications in water treatment and supply and biofuels production. Link to Professor Pellegrino's website.

Examples of Companies that Hire specialists in environmental Chemical Processing are: