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University of Colorado Boulder


From campus to table: students create garden bounty for diners, community

September 5, 2013

Diners at the Center for Community with an interest in fresh food and sustainability might swallow easier knowing that some of the ingredients they’re savoring were grown by CU-Boulder students just yards away.

CU-Boulder 'Green Tech' course results in eco-friendly, functional art

September 5, 2013

University of Colorado professor Julee Herdt gave students in her design class an assignment: Build architecturally beautiful pieces of furniture.

The tricky part? Undergraduates in this "Green Tech" course were instructed not to buy any materials for the project -- and, instead, search for scraps, whether in alleyways or salvage yards. If students did need to make purchases, they needed to be minimal -- say, at thrift stores.

Through the creation of a simple shelter, ENVD students gain new skills, community

September 5, 2013

A group of 15 CU-Boulder ENVD students in Jade Polzzi's Lama Foundation Praxis Studio can look back on the summer and say they built a building -- from foundation to roof, from insulation to siding, from caulk to paint. - Watch the video and read the article at:

CU-Boulder environmental design class prints 3-D model of campus

September 5, 2013

Senior Instructor Jade Polizzi and ENVD students used the latest software and machinery to build prototype models of the CU-Boulder campus. Their tools included a computerized router, a laser cutter and a brand new 3-D printer. - Watch the video and read the entire article at:

Senior Instructor Marcel de Lange and ENVD students in Modern in Denver summer issue

September 5, 2013


CU Boulder architecture students craft a grave marker storage structure for Columbia Cemetary that inspires awe on a modest scale.  See more at

Breaking ground: CU-Boulder environmental design students get real-world experience

September 5, 2013

Two CU-Boulder ENVD classes have joined forces for the the City of Boulder Burke Park re-visioning project, including 10 seniors completing a capstone course and 15 juniors fulfilling the environmental design program’s praxis requirement. The mandatory praxis curriculum is customizable and incorporates practical experience into the coursework of each student. Co-instructors David Kahn and Brian Cook are leading the group.

ENVD Alum Jen Lewin and current ENVD student Daniel Nordson, featured in Wired Magazine

March 14, 2013

ENVD alum JEN LEWIN of Jen Lewin Studio and her studio assistant, current ENVD student Daniel Nordson, are featured in Wired Magazine for Jen's interactive art installation at South by Southwest, The Pool. Please click here to read the article

ENVD Faculty Member, Kevin Krizek, Selected as Leopold Leadership Fellow for 2013

March 12, 2013

The Leopold Leadership Program, located at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University, was founded in 1998 to fill a critical gap in environmental decision-making: getting the best scientific knowledge into the hands of government, nonprofit, and business leaders and the public to further the development of sustainable policies and practices.

From scrap to sublime: ENVD students transform salvaged material

January 1, 2013

Green Tech students in Julee Herdt's environmental design class created furnishings from salvaged materials.  Some of the students exhibited their creations at Factory Made, the Boulder store/workshop space that sells Colorado-made products, at a party in March.  Read the full story and view images in the Denver Post article.

GROWING UP BOULDER: Local Youth Share Their Vision for the Civic Area

December 9, 2012

Over the summer, Growing Up Boulder worked with middle and high school students from the I Have a Dream Foundation (IHAD) to document what they like (green frames) and don't like (red frames) about the public spaces in Boulder and the current civic area in particular. Students shared these ideas at a public meeting at Boulder High School on Wednesday, September 12th.