About Us

The Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program celebrates 30 years of providing valuable instruction for technical professionals who want to become leaders in their industry. In 1992, the W. Edwards Deming Endowed Professorship was established. The Martin Marietta Corporation, now Lockheed Martin, created our second endowed professorship in 1994 and also provided a substantial grant to allow us to enhance and expand our program.

Throughout the years, our mission has remained the same: to best prepare engineers, applied scientists and technical professionals for career advancement in leadership and management. From undergraduate to graduate-level work, our focus is to help students at all levels achieve their career objectives and succeed in technical and engineering fields.

We are dedicated to providing our students with the flexibility they need for success. As many of our graduate students work part or full time in industry, we’ve developed an online or on-campus model where students can attain the education they need from virtually anywhere. Our program is available for resident, nonresident and international students interested in advancing their careers. The EMP offers a Master of Engineering (ME) degree in engineering management, an undergraduate engineering management minor, and a variety of graduate and undergraduate certificates.