Engineering Management Program

University of Colorado Boulder
  • Mountain biker studying - Engineering Management Program

    Take classes 100% via distance…anywhere, anytime.​

  • Chemistry students - Engineering Management Program

    Complete an Engineering Management degree to complement your technical degree.

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    Prepare yourself for a leadership role after graduation. Learn more about our Undergraduate Program.

  • Students discussing in class - Engineering Management Program

     "The EMP in conjunction with the Water Management Certificate has provided me with unsurpassed academic instruction and real-life experiences from great faculty. This Program by far has exceeded the level and depth of knowledge in comparison to a previous MS in Engineering Management I earned from a different university. There is no question that what we learn here will set us for success in any industry. As for me, I know that I will have a seamless transition into the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers and will be able to contribute to the organization's efforts as a Project Manager and Army Officer." - Eder Ramirez, 2015 EMP Graduate, Army Officer

  • Students discussing in class - Engineering Management Program

    "As an engineering graduate, I was disinclined to opt for an MBA as it covered a wide range of industries which are not engineering specific. After some research, I found the EMP program offered by CU Boulder to be a great career choice for engineers who want to get into management and now I am proud of my decision as the faculty here provided me with wonderful support in advancing my career growth" - Aswin Datt Karna, Current EMP Graduate Student

  • Wendy Bailey lecturing - Engineering Management Program

    “I try to bring enthusiasm and passion into all the subjects I teach. Having worked in industry for 14 years, I want to prepare my students with the technical skills and the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace.” - Wendy Bailey, EMP Instructor

  • Ray Littlejohn lecturing - Engineering Management Program

    “Solving problems through the use of research and statistical analysis leads to a sense of satisfaction when one arrives at a point of empirical knowledge and understanding where once both were missing.” - Ray Littlejohn, EMP Instructor

  • Mack Auditorium in the evening - Engineering Management Program

    Macky Auditorium: This 105 year-old building graces the campus and the region by entertaining, educating and challenging audiences with high quality local, national and international performances and events.

  • Norlin Library - Engineering Management Program

    Norlin Library, which opened on January 6, 1940, was the largest library building between Chicago and the west coast.​

  • Engineering Management Program Graduating Students of 2015

    Congratulations to our Spring 2015 EMP Graduates!

  • Skiing in Colorado - Engineering Management Program

    Explore Colorado!

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