EBIO Seminar Series Schedule 2017 - 2018

Seminars are on Fridays from 3:30 - 4:30pm in Ramaley N1B23 unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be available starting at 3:00pm in Ramaley N240. Please bring your own cup. 

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title Host Lab
9/1/2017 Geoff Legault (Website) "When worlds collide: Understanding the combined effects of stochasticity, competition, and environmental change" Melbourne
9/8/2017 Amanda Hund (Website) How parasites shape host evolution: mechanistic experiments to population comparisons.  Safran

Anna Hargreaves (Website)

"Local adaptation, biotic interactions, and species' range limits"



GREEBS Guild of Rocky Mountain Ecologists and Evolutionary Biologists  

Erica Larson (Website)

TBD Taylor

Bruce Hungate (Website)

TBD Bowman
10/13/2017 Jeffery Ross-Ibarra (Website) TBD Kane
10/20/2017 Cecile Ane (Website) TBD Smith
10/27/2017 Elizabeth Wolkovich (Website) TBD Suding
11/3/2017 Sasha Reed (Website) TBD Bowman
11/10/2017 Jason Corwin (Website) TBD Fierer
11/17/2017 Tobin Hammer (Website) TBD Fierer
11/24/2017 Break    
12/1/2017 Christine Avena (Website) TBD McKenzie
12/8/2017 Naomi Pierce (Website) TBD  Bowers

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title Host Lab
1/19/2018 Steward Pickett (Website) TBD                                                          Wessman
1/26/2018 Julie Etterson (Website) TBD Emery
2/2/2018 Dan Bolnick (Website TBD Safran
2/9/2018 Andrea Graham (Website) TBD Johnson
2/16/2018 Melissa Aikens (Website) TBD


2/23/2018 Kevin Lafferty (Website) TBD Davies
3/2/2018 Felicia Kessing (Website) TBD Johnson
3/9/2018 Jay Sexton (Website) TBD Emery
3/16/2018 Allison Shaw (Website) TBD Melbourne


John Maron (Website) TBD Doak
3/30/2018 BREAK




Anne Pringle (Website) TBD Fierer
4/13/2018 Sally Otto (Website) TBD Tripp
4/20/2018 Jared Ali (Website) TBD Bowers


Lara Vimercati (Website) TBD Schmidt