Growing Up Boulder

About Growing Up Boulder (GUB)

Growing Up Boulder (GUB) is a “child- and youth-friendly city initiative" that began in the spring of 2009 as a partnership between the Children, Youth and Environments Center at the University of Colorado, the City of Boulder, the Boulder Valley School District, former State Senator Dorothy Rupert, local nonprofits and businesses, and Boulder's children and youth.  Child- and youth-friendly cities are locales in which children’s rights are reflected in local policies, laws, programs and budgets. While Boulder already does much to support its children and youth, there is still work to be done.


To make Boulder an exemplary child- and youth-friendly city.


  1. Give all GUB partners a voice in setting the direction of GUB projects.
  2. Make Boulder a more inclusive place for children and youth of all income levels, ethnicities, and abilities.
  3. Ensure meaningful opportunities for young people's participation in Boulder decision-making.
  4. Disseminate lessons learned from GUB to the community, such as Boulder-at-large, youth, academics, GUB partners, and other child- and youth-friendly communities.