We'd love to acknowledge all our 2017 graduates who've worked so hard, but there's simply not enough room on the front page. Please click here for a list of this year's graduates.

The Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences is one of the few programs that combines both astrophysics and planetary science, providing a unified view of space sciences; the solar system and comparative planetology; stellar and galactic astronomy; and cosmology. Students are given hands ­on experience with telescopes, optics, instrumentation and computer image processing and modeling. 

The department’s general astronomy track lends itself to a career in education, science journalism, science policy, information technology, science management or technical work that does not require a graduate degree. The astrophysics/physics track is intended for students who wish to do research and continue on to graduate work in astronomy or planetary sciences. This track also lends itself well to a career in technical work related to the field.