In this work, Jen (now at Ohio State) and Emi (now at Seattle Children's Hospital) investigate the effect of cancer drugs on matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) and metabolic activity of melanoma cells at various stages of metastasis.

In this work, Katie uses photodegradable hydrogel microparticles to create three dimensional cyst-like structures to mimic the native alveoli of the lung epithelium.

In this paper, Balaji Sridhar demonstrates improved glycosaminoglycan and collagen deposition by co-encapsulating chondrocytes and MSCs in a functionalized cell-degradable PEG

This article, detailing a method for measuring the force of extending neurites, was recently accepted to Soft Matter and also invited for a cover art submission.

Chun Yang publishes "Mechanical memory and dosing influence stem cell fate" in Nature Materials.

Emi Tokuda and Jen Leight published "Modulation of matrix elasticity with PEG hydrogels to study melanoma drug responsiveness" in Biomaterials showing the synergistic effect of matrix mechanics and melonoma drugs on cell response.