Undergraduate students can apply for the Cleopatra Jaramillo Estrada Activist Legacy Scholarship via the CU Boulder Scholarship Application. The application is open between October 1 and February 15.  You can find the application at https://colorado.academicworks.com/opportunities/4089.

About: The Cleopatra Jaramillo Estrada Activist Legacy Scholarship is a $500 academic annual award in the Women's Resource Center. Named for Cleo Estrada who has devoted her life's work to the struggle for social justice for underrepresented communities. Cleo was a farmworker and first generation student from the San Luis Valley who graduated from the University of Colorado with three degrees and worked as a counselor and student advocate at CU Boulder for 40 years. 

This years scholarship recipient Nataly Banda receiving an award at Women Who Make a Difference 2015.

Photo: Nataly Banda, an activist on campus and in the community, was recognized as the Fall 2015 Scholarship Recipient at our annual Women Who Make a Difference Award Ceremony: In Nataly's letter of reccomendation, she was said to be "a natural leader in that she is guided by her love for underrepresented communities and her passion to seek justice and equity for these communities. Nataly has said that she had the opportunity to access higher education, and this, has the responsibility to help other people gain access as well." Once she attains her degree, she says she has a responsibility to give back to her community. Congratulations Nataly!