Hi friends, we want to announce to our communities that the Women’s Resource Center will be joining the staff of the Gender & Sexuality Center and the Cultural Unity & Engagement Center, as the Center for Inclusion and Social Change, which will launch in fall from C4C N320. Please know that we will continue to advocate for women, femmes, non binary and transgender people in our new space; as well as advance work from the more holistic frame of intersectionality, which we have long worked towards. Our collective advocacy efforts will establish a dynamic center on campus from which to serve students with innovative programs and support services. 

We want to express our deep gratitude for our entire community of staff, volunteers, interns, alumnae, and friends of “The W,” past and present. Since its formation in 1994, there have been many people who have inspired, created, and impacted “The Dub.” Over the years, people have cried, laughed, advocated for each other, and built a space we believe in, and where we can be ourselves. We will continue to carry that ethos and your collective goodwill, into our new reality. We invite you to stop by the new center, as early as next week and certainly for our official opening in August. We are committed to continuing strong, feminist work with you all in this new reality. 

To quote Octavia Butler, “All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change."

The Women’s Resource Center staff
Amanda, Sarah, Tamara

You can reach us this number: 303-492-5667

Collage of images from the WRC office including purple wall and office number