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CU in the Community is a series of one-time, student-led, volunteer projects offered each semester in collaboration with local nonprofit organizations. Volunteer projects are based on real community needs and include various types of service related to social and environmental justice. All students are invited to participate in any and all volunteer projects of their choice to gain understanding of social and environmental issues, engage in direct service, reflect on their impact and learn about continued engagement in communities. This program is a great opportunity for students who are looking to get involved, make new connections, practice their leadership skills or simply to spend a day engaged making a positive impact.

Fall 2022 projects

This fall, CU in the Community projects will be offered as needed by the community, on a monthly basis, and include the following opportunities:

Each project offers students the opportunity to learn about their community, engage in meaningful service and reflect on their impact and actions moving forward. Free food and transportation will be provided by the Volunteer Resource Center and all participants will check in at a central location on campus before traveling to the volunteer site together. More projects may become available as community needs arise, so feel free to check back in to learn more. Sign up for current opportunities today!

Learn more and sign up for projects here!

General information for participants

Simply choose from projects being offered and sign up to participate. No experience necessary to participate. Transportation and food are provided. Students who sign up to volunteer for CU in the Community projects will receive a detailed reminder email related to their unique project a week before the event with information about where to check in, what to wear and what to bring. In general, we recommend that volunteers bring plenty of drinking water and any other personal care supplies necessary to be active and engaged. Volunteers are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes and layers appropriate for Colorado weather and/or indoor tasks specific to projects. CU in the Community volunteers make a real impact in the community by participating in projects.

Your involvement is more impactful than you think! Please be mindful that signing up for a project and not showing up the day of and/or cancelling last minute impacts on resources used for food and transportation, community organizations who are counting on volunteers to help them meet their goals, and other students who want to participate. If you must cancel, please do so as far in advance as possible so that other students have the opportunity to participate and to help ensure that there are enough volunteers committed to meet the goals of the project. If you sign up for a project, please plan to show up and participate.

Project lead opportunities

The VRC is recruiting students to serve as project leads for its CU in the Community projects throughout the spring. Project leads will be responsible for coordinating and directing volunteers during a one-time service opportunity with a local nonprofit. Students interested will be required to attend two one-hour training prior to their project but all project details, transportation, food and logistics will be coordinated by the Volunteer Resource Center. We’d love to CU in the Community!

Project Lead Interest Form

Non-profit collaborations

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in hosting a volunteer site on any of the above dates, please tell us more about your project ideas and volunteer needs by filling out a project proposal.

Nonprofit Project Proposal

Contact with questions and requests for accommodations.