Loretta Wahl

Transitions are a natural part of life. Between the beginning and the end of our lives are numerous transitions; some great, others small. Some that will bring insurmountable joy and some that may cause doubt. My goal is to support students' successful academic and cultural transitions to the university during their first year, through graduation and beyond. My aspiration, throughout my life and especially during my career in human service and education, has been to guide and support others to reach their full academic, personal or professional potential. TRiO Student Support Services is known nationally for its excellence in supporting successful transitions into college, graduate school or a career.  In addition, the legacy of TRiO programs is providing access to higher education for students who are first in the families to attend college, low-income, have disability or who have homelessness or foster care.  As a first-generation college student, it is an honor to work in SASC and to serve students in the TRiO SSS-Academic Excellence Program.