TQF Summary and Framing

Teaching Quality Framework Initiative (1-page summary)

Evaluating Teaching in a Scholarly Manner: A Model and Call for an Evidence-Based, Departmentally-Defined Approach to Enhance Teaching Evaluation for CU Boulder  - Initial White Paper; 2017, - Revised for CU's Academic Futures (2018)

with a follow-up paper D. Reinholz, N. Finkelstein, J. Corbo, and D. Bernstein, "Evaluating scholarly teaching: A model and call for an evidence-based approach," in Learning Analytics in Higher Education: Current Innovations, Future Potential, and Practical Applications, Routledge press. (2019)

Teaching Quality Framework Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ; January 2019)

Resources for Teaching Transformation - Processes for change (departmental & institutional)

TQF Framework Model for Improved Evaluation (conceptual image of approach to improved evaluation)

TQF Structure of Activities (summary of process / actors / approach to transformation)

TQF Three Phase Departmental Process Model (for deparmental change)

CU Policies Related to Measuring Teaching Effectiveness for an annotated list of campus and system-level policies that support academic units defining their own measures of teaching quality and the use of multiple measures / multiple voices in evaluation.

Resources for Teaching Transformation - Tools & Processes for change (within a unit)

Teaching Quality Framework Assessment Rubric (Updated Sept 2020 to incorporate more explicit emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion)

TQF DEI Supplement to the Rubric (October 2020) pulls out and showcases the DEI specific-changes to the rubric and includes references and resources related to fostering equity and inclusion

TQF Rubric Mapping Tool (October 2020)
A guide to help departments / individuals connect sources of evidence that can be used in teaching evaluation to the seven dimensions of quality teaching outlined in the TQF Assessment Rubric

Tools for Teaching Evaluation: TQF Templates and Department Examples
A guide to 25+ tools / processes for peer observation, self-reflection, and student evaluation of teaching

Full Toolkit for transformation - coming soon

Associated research / scholarship on Teaching Evaluations

Bernstein, D. J., Addison, W., Altman, C., Hollister, D., Komarraju, M., Prieto, L., Rocheleau, C. A., & Shore, C. (2010). Toward a scientist-educator model of teaching psychology. In D. F. Halpern (Ed.), Undergraduate education in psychology: A blueprint for the future of the discipline (pp. 29-45). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.  [Sample rubric from Bernstein et al., 2010]

Glassick, C. E., Huber, M. T., & Maeroff, G. I. (1997). Scholarship Assessed: Evaluation of the Professoriate. Special Report. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Inc.