Noah Finkelstein

Noah Finkelstein

Professor of Physics
Noah Finkelstein is a Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder and conducts research is in physics education, specifically studying the conditions that support students’ interests and abilities in physics – developing models of context. In parallel, he conducts research on how educational transformations get taken up, spread, and sustained. He is one of the PIs in the Physics Education Research (PER) group and a co-director of CU’s...
Cynthia Hampton picture

Cynthia Hampton

Research Associate and TQF Project Lead
Center for STEM Learning
Cynthia is a Research Associate in the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder. Her work focuses on the TQF initiative to support faculty in evaluating their teaching practices. Cynthia's research focuses on faculty agency, broadening participation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and transformational change in the context of engineering education. Central to her work is a desire to better understand, approach, and navigate complex systems and their related transformations. Cynthia's doctoral...
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Sarah E. Andrews

(Alumni/Consultant) Teaching, Learning, and Technology Assessment Consultant
Sarah is now the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Assessment Consultant in ASSETT. Sarah was a research associate in the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder, the project lead for the TQF , and a consultant on the A&S Quality Teaching Initiative . Her work focused on supporting improvements to the ways in which teaching is evaluated at CU. Towards this end, in addition to project management, she facilitated small...
Joel Corbo

Joel Corbo

(Alumni/Consultant) Senior Research Associate
Center for STEM Learning
Joel is a senior research associate in the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder. His work at CU focuses on implementing and studying mechanisms that align with the institutional change literature for improving undergraduate education in STEM departments and on researching issues of equity and inclusion in physics, in particular the views of white male physicists about race and gender. He also helped to found and lead the Berkeley...
Mark Gammon

Mark Gammon

(Alumni/Consultant) Learning Development & Design Manager
Office of Information Technology
Mark Gammon works in the Academic Technology Design Team at OIT where he and his teams partner on initiatives aimed at improving teaching quality at CU-Boulder. The ATDT collaborate with faculty on innovative and effective applications of educational technologies combined with pedagogical best practices to address teaching and learning opportunities across campus. Mark holds a B.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology and an M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education. His...
Jessica Keating

Jessica Keating

(Alumni/Consultant) Assessment Analyst
Institutional Research
Jessica is now an Assessment Analyst in the Office of Data Analytics (ODA). Prior to joining ODA, she served as the lead associate on the Teaching Quality Framework (TQF) in CU Boulder's Center for STEM Learning. There, she facilitated departments' efforts to improve their teaching assessment practices for use in promotion, tenure, reappointment, and merit processes, and helped shape a broader campus-wide movement to promote high-quality, effective instruction on campus...
Kristin Oliver picture

Kristin Oliver

(Alumni/Consultant) Professional Research Associate
Center for STEM Learning
Kristin Oliver worked with the Teaching Quality Framework initiative, assisting on several research projects investigating the role of TQF in departmental change. She has also conducted research in physics education, specifically faculty mentorship of undergraduate physics students. Kristin earned her BS in Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2014) and her BA in Physics from CU Boulder (2020). She worked in Denver Public Schools from...
Alanna Photo

Alanna Pawlak

(Alumni/Consultant) Assistant Teaching Professor
University of Washington Bothell
Alanna is now an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Washington Bothell Alanna was a research associate in the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder where she investigated and supported departmental change in higher education through her work on the Teaching Quality Framework initiative and the Departmental Action Team Project. Alanna also conducted research in physics education, focusing on collaborative learning environments in introductory physics. She has studied...
Daniel Reinholz

Daniel Reinholz

(Alumni/Consultant) Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics • San Diego State University
Dr. Reinholz specializes in STEM education transformation with the aim of increasing equity and diversity in STEM fields. His work is grounded in a holistic design perspective, which draws on research in disciplinary learning, equity, and organizational change. At the classroom level, he focuses on how reflection and peer feedback can deepen disciplinary learning. Beyond the classroom, he studies how cultural and structural features of higher education can support and...
Dena Rezaei Image

Dena Rezaei

(Alumni/Consultant) Research Associate
Center for STEM Learning
Dena was a Research Associate in the Center for STEM Learning at CU Boulder. In her role, she was responsible for supporting and promoting campus-wide educational transformation efforts toward improving teaching quality by facilitating faculty working groups (aka Departmental Action Teams or DATs) as part of the Teaching Quality Framework Initiative (TQF). Her research interests focus on using technological advancements such as social media in learning and knowledge sharing, diversity,...