The PDSM tool provides a formal decision analysis approach for highway project delivery selection. By using this tool, a brief project delivery selection report can be generated for each individual project. The process is divided into the following sections.

CLICK HERE for a Word copy of the Project Delivery Selection Matrix

STAGE 1 - Project Attributes, Goals, Constraints

  • Delivery methods to consider
    • Design-Bid-Build
    • Design-Build
    • Construction Manager / General Contractor
    1. Project Description, goals, and constraints
      • List known project attributes
      • Set project goals
      • Review known project constraints

      STAGE 2 - Evaluate Primary Selection Factors

        • Assess the primary factors (these factors most often will determine the optimal method).
        • Delivery Schedule
        • Complexity and Innovation
        • Level of Design
        • Cost
        • If the primary factors indicate one potential delivery method, then:
          • Perform initial risk assessment for the one potential delivery method to ensure risks can be properly allocated and managed

      STAGE 3 - Evaluate Secondary Factors

        • Perform a "Pass/Fail" analysis of the secondary factors with the one potential delivery method
          • Staff Experience and Availability (Agency)
          • Level of Oversight and Control (Agency)
          • Competition and Contractor Experience
        • If Stage 2B and Stage 3A do not result in a clear determination of an optimal delivery method, then perform an full evaluation of all eight selection factors across the three delivery methods.

      The following flowchart outlines the PDSM process:


      Supporting Documents

      Common Delivery Methods

      Word  A.1 D-B-B      A.2 D-B      A.3 CM/GC

      PDF    A.1 D-B-B      A.2 D-B      A.3 CM/GC

      Less Common Delivery Methods

      Word  A.4 Multi-Prime      A.5 Design-Sequencing      A.6 PPP

      PDF    A.4 Multi-Prime      A.5 Design-Sequencing      A.6 PPP