The PPSM tool provides a formal decision analysis approach for highway procurement procurement selection. By using this tool, a brief project procurement selection report can be generated for each individual project. The process is divided into the following sections.

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STAGE 1 - Project Attributes, Goals, Constraints

  • Procurement Procedures to consider
    • Low Bid
    • Best Value
    • Qualifications-based
    1. Project Description, Goals, Constraints
      • Describe the Project
      • State the project delivery method for the project
      • Set project goals
      • Determine and review project constraints

      STAGE 2 - Determine Procurement Procedures and Selection Factors to Evaluate

      1. Determine which of the eight selection factors need to be evaluated
        • Delivery Schedule
        • Complexity & Innovation
        • Level of Design
        • Cost
        • Assessment of Risk
        • Staff Experience and Availability
        • Level of Oversight and Control
        • Competition and Contractor Experience

          STAGE 3 - Evaluate Factors

          1. Assess each potential procurement procedure in regards to the factors to evaluate
          2. Review checklists for each of the factors evaluated
          3. If the above steps do not reveal an optimal procedure, proceed with evaluating remaining factors across all three potential procurement procedures

          The following flowchart outlines the PPSM process:


          Supporting Documents

          Best Value Algorithms

          B.2.1 Fixed Budged     B.2.2 Adjusted Bid     B.2.3 Adjusted Score    B.2.4 Weighted Criteria

          B.2.5 Meets Technical Criteria     B.2.6 Quantitative Cost-Technical Tradeoff    B.2.7 Qualitative Cost-Technical Tradeoff

          Common Procurement Procedures

          B.1 Low Bid     B.2 Best Value     B.3 Qualifications-Based     B.4 Cost Plus Time

          Less-Common Procurement Procedures

          B.5 Sole Source    B.6 Job Order Contracting

          Supplementary Procurement Procedures

          B.7 Alternative Technical Concepts    B.8 Additive Alternates     B.9 Alternate Design