Enrolled in Single Seminar

Withdrawal Notice Received Refund Amount
Before Seminar Start Date Full refund of all payments received, minus a $25 processing fee.

Drop and Refund Policy

Students may drop a seminar up to the date it launches for full refund, minus a $25 processing fee. No refunds are available to students after a seminar has launched. No exceptions. After seminar launch, credit towards a future seminar MAY be granted due to extenuating circumstances on a very limited case-by-case basis. To proceed with cancellation from any seminar, students must contact an Enrollment Representative via phone at 303-492-7438 or via email at sustainability@colorado.edu and submit all necessary paperwork by the applicable start-of-seminar deadline.

Completion Time

Students enrolled in a non-credit certificate (single or both), or taking single Seminars have up to three years from the start of their first seminar to complete the full sequence. If students do not complete the program within this timeframe, they forfeit a certificate and any right to a refund.

Advancing during Enrollment Window

Students may advance to a subsequent Seminar upon completion of a Seminar during the 90 day enrollment window under the following terms and conditions:
(a) Payment has been received for the subsequent Seminar.
(b) Completion of current Seminar, and Request to advance to subsequent Seminar (via email or phone call) are completed prior to the final 30 days of the Enrollment Window.  There is no concurrent enrollment in program Seminars. Advancement may not take place after the final 30 days has begun.
(c) There is no advancement from Seminar 3 into either of the culminating Seminars in the middle of an enrollment window.
(d) Failure to successfully complete a subsequent Seminar into which a student has advanced during an enrollment window will require retake of that Seminar, including a retake fee. Please give yourself plenty of time and choose your advancement requests carefully.

Retaking Seminars

Students have two attempts to pass a seminar with a grade of 80% on the final exam without incurring an additional re-take fee. A second attempt is automatically offered if a final exam score is below 79.99%. There are no third final exam attempts. No exceptions.  Please note that access to the final exam is not granted until completion of all discussion and reading assignments and study quizzes in the Seminar. Failure to take the final exam before Seminar closure or to achieve a score of 80% or better on two final exam attempts will require retaking the Seminar with a retake fee. For currently enrolled students, successful completion of Seminars 1-3 is required prior to enrolling in final Seminars 4a or 4b. Successful completion of an instructor-mentored culminating project is required in order to pass Seminars 4a and 4b.


At the discretion of the program, and under VERY limited and extenuating circumstances, a student may be eligible to cancel his/her enrollment or transfer their enrollment to another seminar after the post-start deadline.

Pricing and Discounts

All prices and stated discounts are subject to change. Any price changes or discount adjustments made after a student’s initial enrollment in a full non-credit certificate (single or both) will not be applied retroactively.