Tory Miller Shares the Benefits of Summer Session

Published: March 22, 2017

If you’re a CU Boulder student athlete, you face unique challenges during your college experience. Tory Miller, a forward on the men’s basketball team, used Summer Session to get ahead on his path toward graduation. Student athletes balance a demanding schedule, making it difficult to take on heavier course loads during fall and spring semesters.

Miller says, “During the semester we travel a lot, so it’s hard to get as many classes as you would like during one semester. Doing summer definitely makes up for that.” Learn more about Miller’s experience with Summer Session in the video above.

You can use Summer Session to complete a sequence of courses in summer, advance your degree, and explore post-collegiate career options through diverse and engaging class topics. Consider the benefits:

  • Flexible Schedule: Summer Session offers online classes as well as hundreds of on-campus classes between May and August to accommodate your needs. Choose the session or format that best fits your schedule.
  • Get into Popular or Required Classes
  • Focus on One or Two Classes: You can immerse yourself in a topic you love or concentrate your efforts on a challenging class.
  • Small Class Sizes: On average, summer classes have 30 students or less. As a result, students engage more often and more deeply with their professors and classmates, leading to a richer learning experience.

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