Our mission is to empower one another to fight for a world where global health and justice are possible for all.​

HEAL integrates four core values:​

  • We partner with communities to advocate and enable innovative and sustainable solutions to systemic inequities
  • We work to understand and respect the complexities and intersectionalities of the stories that define our mission.

  • We recognize our individual limitations and cultivate humility by learning from different experiences, perspectives, and strengths.

  • We aim to develop and enrich future community leaders by practicing introspection, critical thinking, and integrity.

HEAL is partnered with a grassroots health organization called Himalayan Healthcare (HHC).

The mission of Himalayan HealthCare is to create sustainable development programs in the remote areas of Nepal that will improve the quality of life for its people. Himalayan HealthCare achieves its mission by providing primary health care, community education, and income generation programs that enable people to be self-supporting in the long-term. For additional information, visit the HHC website.