Below are some answers to common questions about the board. If you do not see your questions below, feel free to send us an email and we will happy to assist you!

Who makes the board’s decisions?

The Distinguished Speakers Board is completely student run. Each semester we undergo a speaker nomination and selection process, starting with a large field of candidates and eventually narrowing down to one speaker. The day-of-event logistics, marketing and general operation of the board is also overseen by students. 

How do you afford the speakers who come to campus?

The Distinguished Speakers Board is funded through CU student government which allocates student fees dollars to various clubs and organizations on campus. Since students pay for the events and the speakers we work hard to ensure that events are curated by students and for students. 

How many events do you have a semester?

The number of events that we  host a semester depends on a variety of factors such as cost of the speaker, interest of the board and logistics. We aim to have at least one event a semester and occasionally are able to host more than that. 

How can I join the board?

In order to join the Distinguished Speakers Board you must be a fee-paying student at CU Boulder. We typically recruit new members at the begininng of each semester. Follow our Instagram page to recieve updates on when recruitment is occuring. 

How can I keep up to date with DSB events?

Following our Facebook, Instargam and Twitter pages are the best ways to ensure you are the first to hear about event announcments. In addition to events published on our social media channels, be sure to be on a look out on campus for posters and other marketing to ensure you know all about our events!