Faculty Advisors

Katherine Pickens McConnell

Kat Pickens McConnell

Faculty Advisor • Professional Development Advisor
Mechanical Engineering
Hi Everyone! I’m an Advisor for ASME and an Academic Advisor for Mechanical Engineering. I’ve been part of the department for five years and couldn’t possibly be more excited to be working with ASME. Outside of work, I spend my time studying for grad school v. 2.0, getting distracted by the Great British Baking Show, and enjoying all the sunshine and scenery that Colorado has to offer.

Current Leadership

Trevor Peterson

Trevor Peterson

Mechanical Engineering
Hi! I’m Trevor, a senior Mechanical Engineering student. In school, some of my favorite classes included Heat Transfer, and the CAD class! I’m really passionate about building community and networking. In my free time I love to ski and run. Feel free to reach out!

Justin Lee

Vice President
Hello! My name is Justin, and I’m a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in computer science. I’m from Centennial, CO, and I enjoy working out, biking, and playing basketball. I’m most interested in software development and product design. I am also currently in the CU Hyperloop club.

Ryan Slocum

Hello! My name is Ryan Slocum, and I’m a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering. I’m from Aurora, CO, and I enjoy running, hiking, backpacking, and juggling. I’m most interested in robotics and control systems engineering, and I am currently working as a teaching assistant for GEEN 1400.

Matthew Gilster

Mechanical Engineering
Hello, hello, my name is Matthew, and I’m a senior in mechanical engineering and applied math. I was born in Germany but moved all around as a child; however, I plan on staying in Boulder and working for the defense industry once I graduate. In the meantime, I’m a member of the Baja SAE team as their financial manager, and I enjoy biking, skiing, and go-karting. If you want to...

August Cook

Industry Outreach
Greetings, my name is August Cook. I’m a junior mechanical engineering student with an interest in business. I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and have been living in Colorado for approximately 3.5 years. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with music, particularly classical and jazz; I even played professionally. Growing up, I also played sports and used to swim competitively. If provided the opportunity, I’d love...

Savi Singh

Industry Outreach
Hello! My name is Savi, and I’m a Junior in Mechanical Engineering. I’m from California, and I enjoy going on hikes, working out, basketball, and spending time with friends. I recently became an officer for ASME this semester and it is a great opportunity to connect with others in the mechanical engineering field. I am mostly interested in aerospace, automotive, and the film industry.
Caroline Norris

Caroline Norris

Student Outreach
Mechanical Engineering
Hi! I’m Caroline Norris and I am a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Energy Engineering. I grew up in Parker, CO and enjoy hiking, lifting weights, and cooking. Along with being involved in ASME, I work at CU’s Rec Center and work as TA for the MCEN 2000 professionalism class. Being a part of the ME community at CU has been such a special experience for me,...

Renèe Schnettler

Student Outreach
Mechanical Engineering
Hi, I’m Renee and I’m a senior in mechanical engineering, with a minor in engineering management. I grew up in Colorado, and have enjoyed staying local at CU. I have been an officer for ASME since my freshman year, and it’s such a great organization to be a part of! Outside of school, you can find me working out, cooking and eating, skiing, and spending time with my friends and...

Past Officers